Topic: Movie Moments, Magic Moments



I know that all of you guys have watched a movie… I mean we all did! It’s impossible not to see a movie once in your life. Whether it is a chick flick, romance or drama or whatever genre is available out there, it doesn’t matter. As long as you’ve watched something then I think this is for you. 


First, let’s define “Movie Moments” what is this thing? Or should I say how do you know if you’re running out of movie moments? Or how do you know when you’re experiencing movie moments? 


Let me clarify first that this blog isn’t made to give you a lecture on how to experience movie moments. Instead, this blog is made to tell you that there’s no such thing as “Movie Moments” the fact that it says “MOVIE” in it means that it doesn’t really happen in real life. Okay, again… let me tell you that some of you may get mad at me. But, it is the truth. Guys, I’ll be honest that I sometimes think to myself that “Hey, aren’t I running out of movie moments?” “Where’s my kiss in the rain?” “Where’s the ‘I’ll always be there’ from guys?” “Where’s the sudden ‘I like you’ sentence?” and a lot more! I know a lot of you guys also wonder about these things. Maybe when it rains (My fav. weather ;)) or when you’re taking a shower or when it gets really quiet or maybe when you’re about to sleep. I don’t know, but you guys have to admit that you get to the point that you think about movie moments happening in real life. But, it won’t. At the end of your thought about movie moments, when you finally get back to the real world… you’ll wake up and say “Nahh! It won’t happen” and you’re right. It won’t! A guy won’t just hold a boombox over his head outside your house and play your favorite song just like what John Cusack did in Say Anything (It’s a good movie, though) or anything like that.


Lesson Learned: Not having movie moments doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy and not have happy moments in life. Movie moments isn’t only about the kiss in the rain, the sudden ‘I like yous’ and stuff like that. It’s more than that. It’s beyond those things… honestly, we are the ones who’ll judge whether that moment in our life will be our movie moment or not. We’re the ones that makes them. We don’t wait in vain for them to happen. Instead we make our move and have it OUR WAY.


Just to correct my statement in the first paragraph… movie moments happen. ALTHOUGH! It isn’t called movie moments. It’s called “magic moments”. Moments where you feel like floating on air. Those are the movie moments in REAL life. Those are the moments we have to watch out for. And when that moment comes… be sure to grab it and make it last. For movie moments vanish instantly but moments that will last a lifetime are the magic moments. And here I am… waiting and preparing when my magic moment comes.






Topic: Pressure in School

I know that some of you guys who are reading this is probably experiencing pressure in school. Well, I made this blog because for the first time in my life as a student I am experiencing GREAT PRESSURE in school. I’ve experienced pressure before but this is something new. For the first I cried because of pressure in school. I didn’t know what to do. I was so depressed… and the reason for the depression is the 5 out 15 seatwork in Geometry class. I mean, seriously?! Why would they put Algebraic expressions with all the Xs in a Geometry problem? Are you guys effin kidding me?! I tried answering it… and the result? 5 out of 15. That’s right… I failed! FOR THE FIRST TIME! for the first time I failed. (kinda getting a little over acting there! Haha) anyway, I tried getting it out of my mind then when I came home but no! It keeps getting in me! And I can’t handle it anymore. Mom, expects me to maintain my high grades and I’m not telling her about the failed seatwork. So, I cried myself to sleep with the lights off so she won’t notice (HA! Dramatic Movie Moment?! Yeah right! :D) 

Feeling completely helpless about the situation I decided to talk to my adviser. And I cried in front of her… yeah, that’s kinda embarrassing but she completely understands me. And it feels really good to know that someone out there understands what I’m going through. She told me not to pressure myself… Though, my mom is always there with her GREAT EXPECTATIONS! She told me that not everything will go the way I want it. And that I should let loose and relax…


Lesson Learned: Not everything that you want to happen will happen the way you want them to, and never ever be paranoid by things. Specially when it hasn’t happened yet. “You’ll cross the bridge when you get there” Don’t over think about things in the future. Never live in the past and in the future. Instead, live in the present ’cause that’s all that matters now. Everything you do should be step by step… it will help you BIG TIME! 😉


So, after that talk I’m feeling a lot better. It doesn’t matter if I failed that 15 item seatwork in Geometry class… what matters is that I still have time to catch up and improve my grades. Although, that doesn’t change the fact that mom and her GREAT EXPECTATIONS is still there. But, I cared less about it right now… And I’m ready to face a new tomorrow with a clearer and more positive perspective towards school pressure. 




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Me, Myself and I

I never ever thought that i’d write my own blog about the things i’m experiencing and my own perspective in life, until now. Yeah! That’s right. I’m not really into all these blogs and websites and the like. But, now I am. I don’t really know when it started but here I am… writing my first blog EVER! 


So, if you’re reading this, I would like you to know that I thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending your time reading this blog of mine. Well, first… I think all of you should know a little something about me. So, here you go…


  1. I’m a girl. 
  2. I’m unattractive
  3. I imagine a lot! 
  4. I have endless what ifs…
  5. I’m a Grade Conscious, fella 
  6. I’m clumsy
  7. I’m Asian

Well, that’s all I have for you guys. The reason I’m making this blog is because of all the stress and pressure that surrounds me and I don’t have any outlet to remove the stress and pressure around me. But, Guys! Don’t worry… this blog won’t be filled with emotional stuff and depressing things. This will be a fun to read blog with my perspective and opinions about things that happen to my life and all the things that goes through my mind. I just hope that I’m not being boring right now. So, that’s all for now guys! I will surely right again.