Me, Myself and I

I never ever thought that i’d write my own blog about the things i’m experiencing and my own perspective in life, until now. Yeah! That’s right. I’m not really into all these blogs and websites and the like. But, now I am. I don’t really know when it started but here I am… writing my first blog EVER! 


So, if you’re reading this, I would like you to know that I thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending your time reading this blog of mine. Well, first… I think all of you should know a little something about me. So, here you go…


  1. I’m a girl. 
  2. I’m unattractive
  3. I imagine a lot! 
  4. I have endless what ifs…
  5. I’m a Grade Conscious, fella 
  6. I’m clumsy
  7. I’m Asian

Well, that’s all I have for you guys. The reason I’m making this blog is because of all the stress and pressure that surrounds me and I don’t have any outlet to remove the stress and pressure around me. But, Guys! Don’t worry… this blog won’t be filled with emotional stuff and depressing things. This will be a fun to read blog with my perspective and opinions about things that happen to my life and all the things that goes through my mind. I just hope that I’m not being boring right now. So, that’s all for now guys! I will surely right again. 




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