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I know that all of you guys have watched a movie… I mean we all did! It’s impossible not to see a movie once in your life. Whether it is a chick flick, romance or drama or whatever genre is available out there, it doesn’t matter. As long as you’ve watched something then I think this is for you. 


First, let’s define “Movie Moments” what is this thing? Or should I say how do you know if you’re running out of movie moments? Or how do you know when you’re experiencing movie moments? 


Let me clarify first that this blog isn’t made to give you a lecture on how to experience movie moments. Instead, this blog is made to tell you that there’s no such thing as “Movie Moments” the fact that it says “MOVIE” in it means that it doesn’t really happen in real life. Okay, again… let me tell you that some of you may get mad at me. But, it is the truth. Guys, I’ll be honest that I sometimes think to myself that “Hey, aren’t I running out of movie moments?” “Where’s my kiss in the rain?” “Where’s the ‘I’ll always be there’ from guys?” “Where’s the sudden ‘I like you’ sentence?” and a lot more! I know a lot of you guys also wonder about these things. Maybe when it rains (My fav. weather ;)) or when you’re taking a shower or when it gets really quiet or maybe when you’re about to sleep. I don’t know, but you guys have to admit that you get to the point that you think about movie moments happening in real life. But, it won’t. At the end of your thought about movie moments, when you finally get back to the real world… you’ll wake up and say “Nahh! It won’t happen” and you’re right. It won’t! A guy won’t just hold a boombox over his head outside your house and play your favorite song just like what John Cusack did in Say Anything (It’s a good movie, though) or anything like that.


Lesson Learned: Not having movie moments doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy and not have happy moments in life. Movie moments isn’t only about the kiss in the rain, the sudden ‘I like yous’ and stuff like that. It’s more than that. It’s beyond those things… honestly, we are the ones who’ll judge whether that moment in our life will be our movie moment or not. We’re the ones that makes them. We don’t wait in vain for them to happen. Instead we make our move and have it OUR WAY.


Just to correct my statement in the first paragraph… movie moments happen. ALTHOUGH! It isn’t called movie moments. It’s called “magic moments”. Moments where you feel like floating on air. Those are the movie moments in REAL life. Those are the moments we have to watch out for. And when that moment comes… be sure to grab it and make it last. For movie moments vanish instantly but moments that will last a lifetime are the magic moments. And here I am… waiting and preparing when my magic moment comes.






2 thoughts on “Topic: Movie Moments, Magic Moments

  1. Great perspective! I’ve never liked the idea of “movie moments” because it seems to imply that having a movie-like life is better than whatever’s really happening. But when you redescribed them as Magic Moments- that’s a perfect name for those fleeting seconds! I really enjoyed this post 🙂

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